How to Overcome Your Fear of Looking Stupid at Work

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This post first appeared on Forbes. How much is fear a driver for your behavior? Fear and anxiety are pervasive themes in many of my coaching engagements. Whether a client is working on communication, prioritization, delegation or other leadership challenges, fear is often at the root of what makes change hard. There‚Äôs fear of failure, fear of missing out (FOMO), fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of change. And here in Silicon Valley, where knowledge is king and imposter syndrome is rampant, there is a huge amount of fear of looking stupid.  Fear is an emotional and...

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Don’t Be So Sure: The Perils of Certainty

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This post first appeared on I was certain that my flight to Chicago was at 10:30, so I aimed to leave for the airport by 9:00. But at 8:30 when I checked to verify the exact takeoff time, my chest seized up. My flight was leaving in less than an hour! I yelled for my husband to take me to the airport now. By the time I made it through security, the boarding gate had closed. I watched my flight take off without me. Maybe something like this has happened to you. You felt so utterly sure of something that you did not consider the possibility that you were wrong, not...

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