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Organizational Coaching, Team Building, and Conflict Resolution


What is a typical engagement?

Team coaching and consulting typically involves an assessment/evaluation phase, consultation with team leadership to custom design an off-site retreat, training, or other intervention, and periodic follow-up. Three to twelve months.
Conflict resolution services usually involve an inquiry phase in which the affected employees are interviewed, two or more mediated conversations among the parties, and follow-up. Two to six months. Cost varies according to the nature and duration of services.

What is the return on investment?

Our clients can expect:

  • Increased team alignment, resulting in more effective collaboration, reduced conflict, better work product.
  • Improved communication
  • Stronger conflict resolution skills
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities, leading to more effective accountability.
  • Renewed team commitment, including reduced absences.
  • Enhanced work atmosphere – less stress, more fun.

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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Coaching

What is the process?

Our executive coaching and leadership development process begins with self-assessment and 360-degree feedback to help the client see himself or herself clearly and identify his or her strengths and weaknesses. Based on these evaluations, the client sets goals and the coach works with him or her to develop leadership and management skills, conduct strategic planning, address behaviors, improve skills, tackle problem areas, and grow professionally. Length of engagement varies, but typical engagements run four to six months. Cost varies according to length of engagement and extent of initial assessment.

What is the return on investment?

Managers and executives will begin to experience benefits almost immediately, as the awareness created by the feedback begins to change behavior. Coaching provides a framework for strategic planning and skills development that produces more adept and successful leadership.

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Career Coaching

What is career coaching?

Career coaching helps clients develop and achieve career goals that work for them. It addresses both the pragmatic questions of how to find a job and the emotional aspects of the client’s desires, aspirations, and fears. The coach helps the clients develop a vision provides tools to get into action and take steps to pursue a job that meets their aspirations. The coach provides a framework, structure and accountability. Length of engagement varies widely, but a typical engagement is four to twelve sessions.

What is the return on investment?

At the end of coaching, you may have found a new job. If not, you will be on your way – having clarified your goals, identified your competencies, and developed some tools (positioning statements, resume and cover letter, networking plan) to help you pursue your goals.Packages vary based on duration of coaching.

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Personal Coaching


What is it?

Personal coaching, sometime called “life coaching” addresses the client’s whole life and gives him a chance to take stock of where he is now and where he’s like to be. Many clients come to coaching because they feel stuck and don’t know how to get moving. The coaching processes, including homework between sessions, allows clients to explore their dreams and fears in a structured framework. A typical engagement runs three to nine months.

What is the outcome?

Coaching empowers clients to pursue their dreams, large and small. Clients report that they have a clearer sense of what they want and how to pursue it. Many have made major changes: changed jobs, lost weight, or created new positive habits that support their goals. Most clients have a greater awareness of their strengths and increased confidence in deploying their skills. Additionally, they have a greater self-knowledge of they ways they get derailed and some methods for keeping on track or getting back on track. Cost varies according to length of engagement.

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Assessments and Tools

What assessments do you use?

Where appropriate, we use Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),  DiSC® Profile,  Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Team Diagnostic™, Leadership Circle Profile™, and Strengthsfinder™.

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