Executive and Leadership Development Coaching

Executive Coaching

Today’s leaders and executives need to do more than manage. They must think creatively and strategically, build a strong team, communicate effectively, make hard choices, and take responsibility. Our executive coaching program helps clients:

  • Understand key leadership qualities and identify their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop the self-awareness necessary to lead with confidence and authenticity.
  • Improve communication skills, including “presence” and providing actionable feedback to co-workers and subordinates.
  • Strengthen their vision/mission/brand and strategies, to improve the bottom line.

Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership development coaching is for professionals who are stepping into roles of greater institutional and managerial responsibility. Talented individuals may be challenged by the leadership, organizational, and communications demands of management. Our process educates clients about leadership skills and helps them building the skills they need to:

  • Communicate effectively and constructively, both with subordinates and senior management.
  • Delegate appropriately and maintain oversight and accountability.
  • Give and receive constructive feedback to subordinates and co-workers.
  • Manage time and priorities effectively.
  • Develop a sense of their career path and an understanding of what is necessary to achieve their goals.