Organizational and Team Coaching

Team Coaching and Consulting

We work with organizations and teams to help develop their mission, articulate their values, identify their strengths and weaknesses, establish best practices, and plan strategically for their future. Working with the system as a whole or with key individuals, we help our clients achieve greater effectiveness and sustainability, and have more fun doing it.

Culture Building

Particularly in times of transition or growth, establishing a strong organizational culture is key to performance, sustainability, and satisfaction. We help clients take a clear-eyed look at the existing culture — where it is serving them and where it is holding them back. We collaboratively develop a vision of the culture that supports participants in doing their best work. Then we make targeted agreements and put practices into place to establish that culture. This process may include assessments, interviews, individual and team coaching. The goal is nothing short of transformation.

Partnership Effectiveness

In a world of expanding need and shrinking resources, partnerships are essential to creating economic and ecological sustainability. We help partnerships leverage their strengths and navigate the potential conflicts that arise when organizations with aligned but differing missions partner together. Through targeted inquiry and a collaborative process that includes all participants, we help our clients establish practices that boost partnership alignment, effectiveness, and efficiency.

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