“Hanna is great at keeping me on point, in a fun, motivating way. She helps me to stay focused on the big picture.” W.B., working mother in career transition.

“Hanna is inspiring, supportive, respectful and intuitive. She has a gift that can see/feel that creative part of you, that you were unaware you had. She has given me the courage to develop parts of myself that have been dormant for most of my life. But mostly, I have felt her support to take the time I need to heal. I would highly recommend her as a coach, and a woman of compassion.” B.K., cancer survivor.

“You’re really great at what you do. I want to let you know how much I appreciate it…it’s magical, really. Thank you!” C. La Moglia, small business owner.

“Hanna’s workshop about returning to work was a super learning experience. She didn’t hesitate to ask the hard questions and to not let anyone get away with the easy, but perhaps not full, answer. Hanna’s efforts and exercises helped me gain greater clarity around my larger goals and to put a path in place to help me achieve them in a way that felt manageable. She met each individual in the workshop where they were in the returning to work process and helped us move further along either in big steps or baby steps as was appropriate for each person.” E.S., mother in transition.